Reindeer knitting pattern - Toy Knitting Pattern

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Did you know that reindeers are the only deer species in which both males and females can grow antlers? And their noses are specially designed to warm the air before it gets to their lungs.
There are lots of fascinating facts about this beautiful animal, and here we have a curious friend that you can study them with! The very cute and true physical embodiment of the Christmas spirit!


Dutch (NL)
German (DE)
French (FR)
Spanish (ES)

The pattern includes yarn brands list and yarn substitutes that can be used for this project
The pattern is written as row-by-row knitting instruction including detailed pictures that can help to make the knitting process easy

Knitted flat (in a row on 2 needles) and seamed

please follow this link

Finished toy size is about 42 cm (16 ½ inches);

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This manual is suitable for the persons who already have got some basic knitting skills
Designer: Maria Ermolova - Polushkabunny

Best wishes and Crafty Hugs!

Wie immer eine tolle Strickanleitung!!!

I love this pattern, I'm in the process of knitting this for Christmas

Great pattern. Love all your pattern, you are so talented! Thank's so much!

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